Image: Barab, S. (2014). Design-based research: A methodological toolkit for engineering change. In The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Second Edition. Cambridge University Press.

During the three-year period of the Move2Learn project, researcher-practitioner teams across six museum sites are collaboratively investigating the links between movement and learning outcomes at selected science exhibits designed for young learners. Research activities will involve iteration and refinement of new instruments and protocols, through analysis of observed and automated capture of interaction data, and synthesis and interpretation of data.

For an overview of what’s happening at each research site, CLICK HERE.

Move2Learn is developing novel methodologies for capturing children’s whole-body exhibit interaction and learning, where we focus on children when they are engaging alone, with peers, and with their parents. Our methods involve both in-depth video analysis and real-time observation tools for capturing children’s exhibit interaction and pre and post interaction interviews. We focus on how children’s experiences support the way they think and communicate science ideas, as well as their emotional engagement with these experiences. Move2learn is also developing culturally sensitive survey tools that let us examine the factors influencing the way children and their parents interact at exhibits.

Our design-based research methodology addresses these questions:​

  1. In what ways can embodied interaction represent as well as communicate scientific thinking?
  2. How can we improve embodied interaction to support children’s science thinking?
  3. How does embodied interaction relate to children’s enjoyment of exhibits?
  4. How do families influence children’s embodied interaction?
  5. What, if any, socio-cultural differences exist between children and/or their families with regard to embodied interaction behaviors and their perceived value of early science learning.


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