Ruth Churchill Dower

Ruth Churchill Dower

Role : M2L UK Advisor

Institution : Earlyarts

Ruth brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of early education, arts and cultural practices. As Director of the award winning, national network for the arts and early childhood sectors, Earlyarts, she is frequently involved in analysing the impacts of learning environments in arts and cultural centres, measuring their significance in terms of family engagement and impacts on early learning, and making recommendations to nurture more meaningful learning relationships.

She has authored various publications on the issues raised in cultural education, including: Creativity or Play? Why professionals should not have to choose (2012, The Guardian), Born Creative (2010, Demos, ISBN:978-1-906693-54-1); Cultural Entitlement in a Nutshell, (2010, Lulu, ISBN:978-1-4092-8587-8), Imagination for Life and Learning (2006, Arts Council England, ISBN: 0-7287-1191-5), International Creative Practice in Early Years Settings (2004, Arts Council England, ISBN: 0-7287-1063-3).

My consultancy clients include Sharjah Museums Authority, UCL Qatar, Independent Schools Association, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (Dubai), INCERTS, Arts Council England, Arts Council Ireland, Department of Education, Department of Culture, National Museums Liverpool, Youth Music, Milton Keynes Gallery, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, Creative Partnerships, and many nurseries, schools and Children’s Centres.


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