Position: M2L US Advisor
Institution: Independent consultant

Gillian most recently served as Interim CEO of the Association of Science- Technology Centers. She has held the positions of President and CEO of the new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum, CEO of @Bristol, where she led the team in developing the award-winning $150 million waterfront Millennium project in the UK, Director of Eureka! The Museum for Children in Halifax, UK, and Assistant Director at the National Museum of Science and Industry in London. Gillian was awarded a “Grant of the Dignity of an Ordinary Officer of the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire” (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth in January 2000 for her work on @Bristol. Gillian received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Oxford University, followed by a Masters in Science Education from London University. She has also acted as an international consultant on science center and museum projects for trusts, foundations and governments.