Position: Reader of Neuroscience and Education
Institution: Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

Paul’s work focuses on issues at the interface of cognitive neuroscience with educational theory, practice and policy, and he publishes within and across these fields. His most recent research interests include reward-based decision-making and learning games. He is author of “Introducing Neuroeducational Research” (Routledge) and leads the MSc in Neuroscience and Education at Bristol. He was a member of the UK’s Royal Society working group on Neuroscience and Education that published its report in 2011. Commissioned reports include the potential effects of the internet on the brain (presented at the Nominet Lecture at the UK’s Royal Society for Arts), a review of “Educational Interventions and Approaches Informed by Neuroscience” for the Educational Endowment Foundation and the CIPD report “Neuroscience and learning: fresh thinking in learning and development“. He has previously worked as a school teacher, trainer of teachers and as an inspector of schools.