Position: Technographic Associates: Microsoft Partner for Formal and Informal STEM Education and Curricula Development Consulting

Dan has thirty years of experience in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, project management, and entrepreneurship related to IT, telecommunication, electronics, semiconductors, laser photo typesetters, and mechatronics in domestic and international industries. Ten years in Program Manager and STEM educator at Cahners Computer Place computer, robotic and electronic communications exhibit space, Museum of Science, Boston and MA certified STEM teacher for hands-on, practical skills application computer shop, as well as technical academics ( English, math, and science ) in an inner city vocational high school. Academic and vocational curriculum developer at the local school district, and MA state levels. Co-Principal Investigator with USC, Institute for Creative Technologies for a NSF award (#0813541- Responsive Virtual Human Guides) to increase STEM awareness for 7 to 14 year olds, commended by NSF as an exemplar in Informal Science Education. Co-authored NASA grant funded “Chandra Astrophysics Institute” with MIT Kavli Institute, and participant in JPL development of “Science Education Standards Matrix” project.