Position: Consultant

Most of Bernie’s career has been in science education. In the design of curriculum and work with teachers he often would combine explorations of aesthetically interesting phenomena with the development of scientific concepts. The early exploration of phenomena was the common ground for going further developing science concepts or enacting some kind of art project. He has contributed to many landmark science curricula, including Elementary Science Study and the African Primary Science Program. During his time at the Boston's Children Museum he designed eight traveling exhibits. Two of them, Bubbles and Raceways, inspired replications or variations in a number of science centers and children's museum in the US and other countries. He has done artists-in-residences at the Exploratorium in 1985 and in 2006 creating pieces involving a water sculpture and one having mist. Currently, there are installations of his work at the science centers Explora in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Coyote Point in San Francisco and Acton Science Center in Acton, Ma. Also, he has installed pieces at the Concord Consortium in Concord Mass and the Education Development Center in Newton Mass. During the past two years he has had shows at the Boston Children's Museum the Cambridge Seven architectural firm, Howard County, MD, art gallery. In February 2015 he was part of a show for the International Kinetic Art Association in Boynton Beach, Florida.